Welcome to Lotus Chinese Learning, teaching Mandarin Chinese in San Antonio, Texas. Lotus Chinese Learning is an independent Chinese language school. Want to get in touch directly? Please use the contact page and you will receive a response within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Learn Mandarin Chinese

Students in our classes learn Mandarin Chinese in a way that is engaging, fun and effective. Lotus Chinese Learning provides in-home classes to small groups or 1-1 (tutoring) and can also provide enrichment/ after school classes at schools. Classes are available in San Antonio and the surrounding area. For more information on our teaching philosophy and learning Chinese, please check out the blog.

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Looking to set up classes?

Email mary[at]lotuschineselearning.com or call (210) 446 8587 for information about setting up classes. Or use the contact page to get in touch. All inquiries will receive a reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Lotus Chinese Learning offers private tutoring and classes through San Antonio area schools. Ask about classes for adults too!

Lotus Chinese Learning will set up a bricks and mortar location in 2018. If you are interested in having classes in our own facility, please complete this survey to help us choose the best location to serve our students. Thank you!

Want to read more about classes?

For children and teenagers, Lotus Chinese Learning offers three types of classes, available privately or through your child’s school:

Young Diplomats Chinese Classes (Middle and High School)

Classes for middle and high school students will focus on building communicative competence in the four skill areas: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Students will learn the Chinese language through topics such as holidays, daily activities, food, hobbies, health, school, sports and travel. Chinese reading and writing will be presented using a specialized method for non-native speakers of Chinese. Students will also learn about differences in the Chinese educational system, and major topics in Chinese history and art. Students will be prepared for cross-cultural communication and also learn about issues in translation.

Students who complete a suitable number of hours of Chinese study may wish to take state tests for credit by examination. A student who has completed the equivalent of four years of high school study of Chinese may choose to take the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam.

Developing skills in Chinese will help prepare students for college-level classes and study abroad opportunities. The benefits of studying Chinese extend beyond the subject itself. Students learning Chinese develop cognitive abilities that are useful across all areas of study.

Junior Explorers Chinese Classes (Elementary)

Elementary-aged students will learn Chinese through hands-on activities, games, crafts and shared reading. Students will learn numbers, how to introduce themselves, colors, animals, family members, food, shapes, transportation, and occupations. They will talk about these topics using a number of basic Chinese sentence structures.

Children will explore Chinese characters through a method specifically designed for non-native speakers. They will practice reading and writing characters in a way that is appropriate for their age and skill level.

Little Lotus Chinese Classes (Preschool and Kindergarten)

In Little Lotus classes, children will learn Chinese through stories and songs in an immersion environment. The curriculum includes Chinese-language versions of popular American books, such as Olivia and No, David. Children will also learn about Chinese culture through stories about Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and other holidays. They will sing Chinese-language versions of classic children’s songs and also learn some new Chinese ones. Children will use Chinese in hands-on activities and games.

Through songs and stories, young children will learn about animals, daily life, weather, body parts, numbers, and things we eat. Listening to and singing Chinese songs will help build an awareness of the sounds of the Chinese language. Activities such as finger-plays, animal yoga and Simon says will help children practice their motor skills while also building Chinese listening comprehension.